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Belarus Weather


The program displays next day weather forecast for major Belarussian cities. Program allows to select target city of forecast and choose picture style. Received data is stored in phone memory. Running in economic mode, program shows up saved image until it is not expired. Otherwise image is downloaded from server automatically. Source of data belongs to Republican Hidro-meteo Center.

End User License Agreement:

Exclusively for personal non-commercial use, with no right to make copies and transfers to third parties, with no warranties of any kind. Click over to read detailed agreement... Once you read, understand and accept entire License Agreement, click checkbox in the right column to allow downloading of software.

Implementation Comments:

The program uses Internet protocol HTTP to download thumbnail size picture containing weather forecast and shows it on the screen. The program runs only on compatible Java™ enabled mobile device. Software was built within NetBeans™ IDE.

Identified Device

CCBot/2.0 (

Download Requirements
  • Device supports MIDP-1.0
  • Device supports CLDC-1.0
  • Device is Internet enabled
  • Device has color display
  • Device has 150 kb free memory
  • License Agreement is accepted
AttentionAll requirements should be met for successful download. Reload the page using mobile device to allow disabled options.