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This training Java project demonstrates simplified example of complex client-server system comprising remote multi-tier units: order processor, database of goods, its Web based manager and emulator of point of sale station (customer).

All the units may run on independent computers and interact over network. Order processor is emplemented as a daemon service. Database manager appears to user as a Web page, providing password protected access to data. Allowed transactions include search, adding, deleting and editing records about goods, as well as group operations on database for bulk updates like price discounts. Emulator runs as plain console application and is able to recover from network disruptions.

End User License Agreement:

Exclusively for personal non-commercial use, with no right to make copies and transfers to third parties, with no warranties of any kind. Click over to read detailed agreement... Once you read, understand and accept entire License Agreement, click checkbox in the right column to allow downloading of software.

Implementation Comments:

The system is based on various Java™ packages. JDBC driver is being used to connect to MySQL™ database engine. It transfers queries and returns results back to programs. Database manager was built on Java Server Pages language and embeds access to database over Standard Tag Library™ SQL component. It runs on J2EE™ server like Sun Application Server™ or Apache Tomcat™. Order processor communicates with emulators using custom protocol constructed over industry standard TCP/IP stack. All the software was built within NetBeans™ IDE and comprises 600 lines of Java language code plus 270 lines of JSP and CSS code, that was written, tested and debugged myself within 30 hours time frame.

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Download Requirements
  • Installed JRE 1.5
  • Color display
  • License Agreement is accepted
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